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Vero® SE Series is a revolutionary light source system that integrates Bridgelux’s seventh generation COB technology with
poke-in connectivity enabling solder-free installation. Vero SE LED light sources streamline assembly processes, lower
manufacturing cost, simplify luminaire design, improve light quality and increase design flexibility.
Vero SE is available in four different light emitting surface (LES) configurations that operate reliably over a broad current range.
With Vero SE, secondary connector and holder components are not required, allowing for rapid integration of arrays into
fixtures and an efficient field replaceable solution. Vero SE arrays deliver increased lumen density for improved beam control
and precision lighting with 2 and 3 SDCM color control standards for clean and consistent uniform lighting.
Bridgelux Décor Series is our state of the art color line designed specifically for premium applications, producing unmatched
LED light quality with brilliant color-rendering options and offer pleasing and inspiring lighting palettes. Bridgelux Décor Series
color points are available on Vero® SE Series, Vero® Series, V Series™ and V Series™ HD.
Décor Series Class A is based on human response testing, providing color points with a combined GAI and CRI metric.
Décor Series™ Ultra products provide a high CRI of 97 and a minimum R9 value of 93, which emphasizes the reds and color
tones to which the human eye is most receptive – perfect for the most luxurious retail shops and world renowned museums.
Décor Series Ultra is also a good replacement for halogen lamps.
Décor Series™ Food products offer color points developed to address the unique requirements of the food, grocery, and
restaurant industries. Highlighting the distinctive colors and nuanced patterns found in meats and breads, the Décor Series
Food products are a must have for any butcher counter or bakery.
Décor Series ™ Entertainment products provide color points developed specifically for the healthcare and entertainment
industries. The 5600K cool white color point combined with a CRI of 90 or 97 provides the bright white required by these
Décor Series™ Street and Landmark is designed to be a direct replacement for high pressure sodium lamps.
Décor Series™ Showcase is the optimal solution for replacing ceramic metal halide lamps, incorporating the same pure white
light with enhanced spectrum coverage and higher efficacy


Features :

• Poke-in connectivity
• Efficacy of 168 lm/W typical
• Lumen output performance ranges from 1,372 to
13,060 lumens
• Broad range of CCT options from 1750K to 6500K
• CRI options: minimum 65, 70, 80, and 90
• Color control: 2 and 3 SDCM for 2700K-4000K CCT
• Reliable operation at up to 2X nominal drive current
• Radial die pattern and improved lumen density
• Top side part number markings
• No exposed solder pads or electrical connections
• Vf
bin code backside marking


Benefits :


• Poke-in connectivity enables solderless, connector
free installation
• Broad application coverage for interior and exterior
• Flexibility for application driven lighting design
• High quality, true color reproduction
• Uniform consistent white light
• Flexibility in design optimization
• Enhanced ease of use and assembly
• Ability to configure multiple Vero SE arrays in series
and parallel reduces customer driver cost
• Improved inventory management and quality control


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