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Versatile, Mid-Power, Lighting-Class LED

The Cree XLamp? ML-C LED brings lighting-class performance to 1/3-watt LEDs and continues Cree’s history of leading-edge innovation in LEDs for lighting applications. The XLamp? ML-C LED brings high performance and a smooth look to a wide range of lighting applications, including linear lighting, LED replacement lamps, fluorescent retrofits and retail-display lighting. The ML-C LED is available in parallel, series and high-CRI options. With a typical forward voltage of 6.4 V at 50 mA, ML-C series LEDs provide a high-voltage option that can enable a driver that is cheaper, more efficient and smaller in size to lower system cost. The minimum-80, 85 and 90 CRI ML-C LEDs enable customers to address applications, such as retail and restaurant lighting, where high CRI is required.