• Available in 4-step, 3‑step and 2-step
EasyWhite® bins at 2700 K, 3000 K,
3500 K, 4000 K & 5000 K CCT and
4-step EasyWhite bins at 5700 K &
6500 K CCT
• Available in ANSI white bins at 4000 K,
5000 K, 5700 K & 6500 K CCT
• Available in 70-, 80-, 90- and
93‑minimum CRI options
• Forward voltage options: 18‑V class &
36‑V class
• 85 °C binning and characterization
• Maximum drive current: 1200 mA
(18 V), 600 mA (36 V)
• 115° viewing angle, uniform
chromaticity profile
• Top-side solder connections
• Thermocouple attach point
• NEMA SSL-3 2011 standard flux bins
• RoHS and REACh compliant

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The XLamp® CXA1512 LED array expands
Cree LED’s family of high‑flux, multi‑die
arrays in a smaller, easy‑to‑use platform.
With XLamp LED lighting‑class reliability,
the CXA1512’s small, uniform emitting
surface enables both directional and nondirectional lighting applications including
lamp retrofit and luminaire designs.
Available in 2-step, 3‑step and 4-step color
consistency, and featuring a 9‑mm optical
source, the CXA1512 brings new levels of
flux and efficacy to this form factor.
The CX Family LED Design Guide provides
basic information on the requirements
to use the CXA1512 LED successfully in
luminaire designs.