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Gainer LED Service
For 7 years’ experience, we have a more complete system now. And we have many reliable business partners such as Arrows, Future, Avnet, Digi-key and WPG for Cree, Osram, Citizen, Lumileds LED chips. 
Order Placement: Customers place orders for LED components, LED drivers, and Optical Lens either through direct communication or through the company's website.

Order Processing: Once the order is received, Gainer LED's professional team processes the order, verifies the availability of the requested products, and prepares the necessary documentation.

Packaging: The ordered products are carefully packaged to ensure their safe transportation.  Gainer LED uses high-quality packaging materials to protect the products from any potential damage during transit.

Shipment: Gainer LED arranges the shipment of the packaged products through reliable logistics partners, ensuring timely delivery.  The shipping method can vary based on the customer's location and preferences, such as express delivery, air freight, or sea freight.

Tracking: Gainer LED provides customers with tracking information, allowing them to monitor the progress of their shipment.  This ensures transparency and allows customers to plan accordingly.

Customs Clearance: For international shipments, Gainer LED ensures compliance with all customs and legal requirements.  Necessary documentation and paperwork, including commercial invoices, packing lists, and certificates, are prepared to facilitate smooth customs clearance processes.


Delivery: Once the shipment reaches the destination, it is delivered to the customer's specified address.  Gainer LED ensures prompt delivery and coordinates with the logistics partner to ensure a smooth and hassle-free delivery experience.


Customer Satisfaction: After the products are received, Gainer LED strives to ensure customer satisfaction.  They provide post-sales support, address any concerns or issues, and maintain open communication with customers to build long-term relationships.


Through this comprehensive process, Gainer LED aims to provide efficient and reliable services to their enterprise and wholesale customers worldwide.

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My Supplier Partner

Gainer Technology Limited's partnerships with quality manufacturers are key to delivering value to our customers. We are constantly evaluating existing LED products in the market, including our existing partnerships and exploring new opportunities. This ensures that our customers receive the best products for their projects and applications. Below is a list of manufacturers we have. If you do not see the specific manufacturer you are looking for, please contact us and we will try to find the specific product you need.

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Cree Lighting is a manufacturer of LED lighting with deep expertise. Their innovative solutions demonstrate their expertise in advanced optical control, color quality, intuitive control and proven product quality.

CREE's vision is that they see light as the great enabler and protector of human experience. They believe that light can make things better, safer, more efficient, and smarter, which will inevitably enhance all activities of People's Daily lives.
ams OSRAM, based in Premstaetten/Graz with a co-headquarters in Munich, is a global leader in optical and sensing solutions. With over 110 years of combined history, ams OSRAM focuses on innovation across sensing, illumination, and visualization to make journeys safer, medical diagnosis more accurate, and daily moments in communication a richer experience.
Companies developing automotive, mobile, IoT and illumination lighting applications need a partner who can collaborate with them to push the boundaries of light.

With over 100 years of inventions and industry firsts, Lumileds is a global lighting solutions company that helps customers around the world deliver differentiated solutions to gain and maintain a competitive edge. As the inventor of Xenon technology, a pioneer in halogen lighting and the leader in high performance LEDs, Lumileds builds innovation, quality and reliability into its technology, products and every customer engagement. Together with its customers, Lumileds is making the world safer, better and more beautiful—with light.​

Samsung Electro-Mechanics (SEMCO), established in 1973, is a leading developer and manufacturer of a broad range of electronic components. Samsung Electro-Mechanics provides chip parts, communication modules and boards, and optical components to meet the challenges of next-generation designs.
Philips is one of the world’s most trusted lighting brands. Since 1891, Philips has provided high-quality, reliable, innovative technology that improve people’s daily lives.

The Philips brand is licensed to Signify, world leader in lighting, for lighting products and services. Philips is Signify’s primary brand for lamps, luminaires, and other lighting products for both professionals and consumers.

Signify products carrying the Philips brand cover the complete range of lighting applications, from home, office, and industry to street lighting, horticulture, sports, and more.
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We are located in Shenzhen, China and Focus on the LED industry for more than 10 years.

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