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Smallest lighting-class LED enables dramatically lower system cost

Designed to enable lower system costs for lighting manufacturers, the XLamp? XB-D LED doubles the lumens per dollar of previously available LEDs. Built on Cree??s SC? Technology? Platform, the XB-D White LED delivers up to 139 lumens and 136 lumens per watt in cool white (6000 K) or up to 107 lumens and 105 lumens per watt in warm white (3000 K), both at 350 mA and 85??C.

Cree XLamp? XB-D color LEDs extend the double lumens-per-dollar performance of the XB package to color LEDs, delivering up to 40% higher maximum light output than XP-E color LEDs. The combination of performance and small size of XB-D color LEDs enables better color mixing and lower system cost.