The XLamp® XP-E2 LED builds on the unprecedented performance
of the original XP-E by increasing lumen output up to 20% while
providing a single die LED point source for precise optical control.
The XP-E2 LED shares the same footprint as the original XP-E,
providing a seamless upgrade path to more lumens and/or
greater efficiency while shortening the design cycle for existing
XP customers.
XLamp XP-E2 LEDs are the ideal choice for lighting applications
where high light output and maximum efficacy are required,
such as LED retrofit lamps, outdoor, portable, indoor directional,
emergency vehicle or architectural.
• Available in white, outdoor white, 80-CRI, 85-CRI, 90-CRI white,
royal blue, blue, green, PC amber, amber, red-orange, red,
photo red & far red
• ANSI-compatible chromaticity bins
• White binned at 85 °C
• Maximum drive current: 1 A
• Low thermal resistance: as low as 2.5 °C/W
• Wide viewing angle: 105°-140°
• Unlimited floor life at ≤ 30 °C/85% RH
• Reflow solderable – JEDEC J‑STD‑020C compatible
• Electrically neutral thermal path
• RoHS and REACh compliant
• UL® recognized component (E349212)


LED – High Power XPEBGR