Optimized for directional, high-lumen applications, from
indoor and outdoor to portable and lamp retrofits, the XLamp®
XT-E LED delivers high performance and high reliability in the
industry‑standard XP/XT footprint. The XT-E LED offers the
benefits of the XT/XP platform — compact and proven 3.45 mm x
3.45 mm package and established ecosystem — enabling lighting
manufacturers to simplify the design process and shorten time to
The XT-E LED is available in royal blue and white. The XT-E White
LED offers a high‑efficacy option. In this document, the term White
denotes the white XT-E LED without regard to its efficacy. The
terms Standard and High Efficacy are used when necessary to
differentiate the performace of the High Efficacy XT-E LED from
the XT-E LED without the high‑efficacy option.
• Maximum Vf for High Efficacy XT-E White: 2.85 V
• Available in 70-, 80- and 90-CRI minimum white
• Binned at 85 °C
• Available in 2200 K CCT
• Thermal resistance: White 5 °C/W, Royal Blue 3.5 °C/W
• Wide viewing angle: White 115°, Royal Blue 130°
• Maximum drive current: White 1.5 A, Royal Blue 1.5 A
• Electrically neutral thermal path
• Vf binning supported for XT-E White and Royal Blue
• XT-E Royal Blue sorted into 2.5‑nm‑wavelength bins
• Unlimited floor life at ≤ 30 ºC/85% RH
• Reflow solderable – JEDEC J‑STD‑020C compatible
• RoHS and REACh compliant
• UL® recognized component (E349212)


Royal Blue, 550mW