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The XLamp XHP70.2 LED is the next generation of Extreme High Power LEDs that delivers the lowest system cost through the best lumen density, reliability and color consistency. Built on Cree LED’s latest high-power LED technology, the XHP70.2 LED improves the lumen density, voltage characteristics, reliability and optical performance of the XHP70 LED in the same 7.0 mm x 7.0 mm footprint. The new XHP70.2 LED provides an easy drop-in upgrade to achieve higher system LPW for lighting manufacturers with existing XHP70 designs, eliminating redesign costs. Its unparalleled lumen density and longer lifetime at higher operating temperatures also enable new and innovative lighting designs at lower system costs.
CREE High Power LEDs White 2700 K 80-CRI, XLamp MTGBEZ
The XLamp® MT-G2 EasyWhite LED builds on the breakthrough performance of the original MT-G by increasing lumen output up to 25%, while providing a small,uniform, single point source for precise optical control. The MT-G2 shares the same mechanical footprint as the original MTG, providing customers with a seamless upgrade path and shortening the LED luminaire and retrofit lamp design cycle. MT-G2 LEDs are designed for high-output, directional lighting applications and are the ideal replacement for lighting applications that currently use inefficient halogen lamps. MT-G2 LEDs are optimized for use in track, accent, lamp retrofit, downlighting and other applications where color quality, consistency and optical control are required.
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