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XLamp XM-L EasyWhite 1
XLamp XM-L EasyWhite 1

XLamp XM-L EasyWhite



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    Optimized for 20-25W Halogen Replacement Products

    Delivering the industry’s best color consistency in the smallest package, the XLamp? XM-L EasyWhite LED is optimized for small-form-factor directional lighting, such as 20- to 25-watt halogen MR, PAR and B10-style (candelabra) replacement lamps.

    Achieving high light output at a consistent color for small-form-factor applications has been traditionally a design challenge. The XM-L EasyWhite LED combines high light output and small footprint of the existing XM-L package with Cree’s unique EasyWhite? color temperatures to provide an LED that is optimized for small-form-factor directional lighting.

    At just 4 watts of power, XM-L EasyWhite LEDs deliver up to 340 lumens at an operating temperature of 85??C in warm white (3000 K) in a single component. The XM-L EasyWhite LED is available in 2-step color points, which is the industry’s tightest LED-to-LED color consistency offering, replicating the uniformity of incandescent light bulbs. Available in high-CRI options, XM-L EasyWhite LEDs are binned at 85??C to provide a single bin per color temperature. XM-L EasyWhite LEDS are also available in either a 6-V or a high-voltage 12-V configuration, which enables the use of efficient, small and low-cost drivers.

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